Commercial Roofing: What Should You Look For?

commercial roofing

There are certain things that commercial roofing must deliver on for your business. The main principles are:

Not to leak

Not to have a negative impact on the bottom line

To use less energy

If your roof does not provide these things for you, it might be time to reconsider the best course of action.

No Leaking

A commercial roof’s top priority is to not leak. Leaking can harm your property, cause employee distraction, pose a safety risk, and disrupt operations. There are a number of causes for roof leaks, including:

The roof is damaged or simply very old

The roof wasn’t installed properly, thus it didn’t endure as long as it should have.

The seams separated, which has caused water to enter the insulation.

The membrane on the penetrations and flashings no longer adheres to them.

A few cracks or pinholes are letting water into the roof system.

Water cannot escape from clogged drains and must enter your building.

These are just a few possible causes, but there are certainly more! Get in touch with a roofing contractor quickly if your roof is leaking. Not only can the leak be stopped, but the expense of a repair will increase as more water saturates the insulation and enters the building.

Commercial Roofing Should Not Impact The Bottom Line

Isn’t money everything? Most people place a lot of focus on upfront prices, but sensible individuals think about lifelong costs as well. Let’s discuss how easily roofs can be replaced and repaired.

Renewability of Commercial Roofing

What often occurs to roofs when their warranties expire? Typically, they are completely torn off, taken to a landfill, and a new roofing system is put in place. Most people are unaware of a spray foam roof’s renewability. If you were to get a 20-year guarantee for your spray foam roof, 30 mils of UV protection coating would be applied. The 30 mils could be reduced to 7-8 mils by the time the 20 years are up. Cleaning the roof and restoring the coating to 30 mils can be done by a roofing contractor. The existing 20-year warranty would be replaced. Over time, the spray foam maintains its effectiveness as an insulator. A spray foam roof recoat can set you back 1/3 to ½ the cost of the initial installation. Any complete tear-off and installation of a roofing system will cost the same as the initial installation, if not more owing to inflation.

Repair is Simple

A contractor may dry the area, cut around the puncture, apply caulk or paint, smooth the area out, and the repair is complete on a spray foam roof because it is closed-cell and the water will rest in the puncture and not migrate.

As previously mentioned, typical roofs allow water to enter through a small opening and soak a significant portion of insulation. To find out how far the water traveled, you would need to peel back the membrane. A new insulating board and a new membrane would then need to be installed.

It is important to take the simplicity of repair into account when estimating future expenditures. How frequently do you want a roof repairman? How much time do you want them to stay?

Energy Efficiency

Why chuck money out the window? Costs for heating and cooling will continue to rise. Additionally, the minimum R-value for roofing continues to rise in order to conserve energy resources. If you’re not familiar, the R-value measures how well a material can impede airflow. Less air can move through it when the R-value is higher. An HVAC system will be significantly less necessary on a roof with an R-30 than on one with an R-10. This is crucial when attempting to cut energy bills.

Traditional roofs can boost their R-value by adding insulating boards, although doing so would require removing the top membrane. To accomplish this would need a lot of work.

A spray-foam roof installation is an additional choice. Spray foam can be sprayed directly over your existing roof because it is fluid-applied. The R-6.5 value of spray foam is also the highest R-value per inch of thickness. A spray foam roof may have a buyback period, depending on the state of your roof at the time of installation. Your energy expenditures will be extremely high because the HVAC system will be working nonstop if the roof is leaky and inefficient.


I know we’ve spoken a lot about the benefits of a spray foam roof, but I wanted to be clear that if a roofing system is done properly, any roofing system will function just well.

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