Are you a homeowner? Well, becoming a homeowner is an exciting experience. It means you have invested your hard-earned bucks in the American dream. And responsible homeownership includes proper roof maintenance and repair.

While your roof can last up to 30 years, they are exposed to water damage, mold, and other elements. But what are the signs it’s time to contact the professionals?

At Rhino Roofing, we have many years of experience in roof repair in Las Vegas and thus have identified the following signs that should tell you it’s time to bring in your roof repair professionals.

Roof age

Reputable roofing contractors recommend replacing your roof after reaching 80% to 85% of the manufacturer’s lifespan mark. For instance, we recommend replacing a 25-year roof when it is nearing the 20-year mark.

Additionally, suppose you can visually identify neglect or damage on your roof. In that case, it’s time to call your professional in roof repair in Las Vegas for an in-depth examination, consultation, and estimate.

What about buckled and curled shingles?

Are your shingles blistering, buckling, or curling? It’s time to seek professional help. Our advice is you be on the lookout for these signs because buckled and curled shingles ultimately fall out and crack with age.

From experience, we also identified that prolonged exposure to wind, rain, dry and hot temperatures significantly contribute to the buckling and curling of shingles.

Vent, skylight, or chimney flashing

Damaged flashing’s primary causes are improper roof installation and drying and cracking of an old roof. Most older homes use tar or roofing material for flashing, but we have seen metal flashing become increasingly popular nowadays due to its durability.

But such flashings may lose their effectiveness and waterproof qualities over time, leaking water inside your home. So, when you realize that the connection between your roof and chimney is not watertight, it is time to consider some specialized roof repair in Las Vegas.

Roof boards that allow daylight through.

Does your home include an attic? Then ensure you check to determine any visible daylight that may be streaming through the building’s roof boards. Don’t forget to assess insulation moisture that mainly results from rain leakage or humidity.

Any sign of water stains on the walls or ceiling indicates the possibility of sitting water that leaks through the roof. Thus we recommend taking immediate action by calling your roof repair expert. It will save you from further interior and exterior damage that may be costly.

After a storm

Homeowners experience most problems with their roofs after a significant storm runs on their homes. So, have you recently experienced extremely high hail, flying debris, or winds in your home?

Then the recommendation is to have qualified personnel inspect and attend to your roof repair in Las Vegas. You might inspect for roof damage yourself, but you might not see a lot of issues by the naked eye from the floor level.

Especially if your home features a high-pitched roof, we don’t recommend attempting to scale the roof problems yourself. For a professional roof repair in Las Vegas, the technician has the necessary equipment and knowledge to check your roof safely.

Bottom Line

Now you know when to bring in professionals in roof repair in Las Vegas. But remember that only a licensed one can comprehensively inspect your roof and make proper recommendations. No matter your reasons for calling for a roof repair, remember you are protecting your investment for yourself, your family, tax, insurance, and resale purposes.