Tiles are among the multiple materials you can use to roof your premises. You’ll find them mostly in clay, concrete, or slate material. Roofing tiles can add to the curb appeal of your Las Vegas residence roof and generally enhance your home’s beauty. What’s even better, roof tiles in Las Vegas come in an array of styles and colors—choose the ones you prefer and customize your roof’s look!

Roofing Tiles Pros

There is a surfeit of benefits you can reap from roof tiles:

  • Roofing tiles are versatile, as they can seamlessly blend with any kind of architecture. Therefore, you wouldn’t have to worry whether the roofing system will suit your Contemporary or Victorian-style home.
  • Other than protecting the interior of your house from the weather elements, roof tiles also play a major role in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your residence. And when the time comes to sell your home, you’ll marvel at how valuable your house will be, thanks to the beautiful roof.
  • Roof tiles are also pretty durable, as they can last up to a century, saving you from the expensive roof repair and replacement costs. The tiles are also fire, rot, insect, and pest resistant.
  • Roofing tiles are insulators. That means they can keep your house warm during the cold winters and keep it cool when the scorching sun strikes.
  • If you have roof tiles in Las Vegas, you have the advantage of saving on heating and cooling bills. As the tiles regulate your home’s indoor temperature during summer and winter, your HVAC system won’t have to work hard to regulate the temperature.

Why You Should Have a Professional Install the Tiles

If you want to enjoy the benefits of tile roofing for a long time, it’s paramount to outsource the help of a professional roofer like Rhino Roofing. The materials are quite expensive and are a long-term investment you can’t afford to gamble with. Here are other reasons why you need to call in expert roofers to install your roof tiles in Las Vegas:

  • As tile roofing is very heavy, assessing the mechanical framing strength to hold up the tiles requires a specific skill set that only an experienced roofer can provide. The professional can also determine whether there’s a need to purchase additional framing materials to support the additional weight of the tiles if the framing system is weak.
  • The preparation and installation of roof tiles is a precision demanding process. It requires the accurate measurement of the roof and the tiles as well as the correct selection of appropriate underlayment for the selected roofing tiles. You also need a professional roofer to install the roofing tiles in the appropriate pattern for the tiles to stay in place. Proper placement also goes a long way in saving you from the trouble and embarrassment of roof leaks.
  • A professional can also ensure that your roof’s pitch or slope is correct before installing roofing tiles. That’s because you can’t correctly install tile roofing on a roof pitch below 4:12.

Rhino Roofing: Your Expert And Friendly Roofer

Are you looking to install roof tiles in your home? Rhino Roofing has your back. We have a team of qualified professionals who are ready to work on your roof tiles in Las Vegas and transform your home’s exterior into a classy look within no time. It all begins when you call us, and we’ll get back to you shortly.