Many Las Vegas residents understand that a well-insulated attic can keep the temperature regulated and energy bills down. However, there is no one-size-fits-all setup for attic insulation since it depends on several factors. Some of which include where you live, your home’s age, and your attic’s size, among others. When insulating the attic, you must understand what works for you and what doesn’t.

The best way to find out begins with searching and hiring reputable roofing companies in Las Vegas. One such company is Rhino Roofing. Such companies will help you inspect your attic and determine the level of insulation if any. But for new homes, the inspecting technicians will guide you on the best practices. Insulation is also dependent on the R-Value.

R-Value is used to measure the insulation’s ability to resist heat flow and loss. The higher the value, the better. But the recommended R-Value level for most attics is about R-38. You can add additional insulation if your attic is poorly insulated or below standard.

How Insulation Works

In cold areas of your house, heat flows from warmer places to such spaces to maintain a constant temperature. During winter, your attic and basement are one of these unheated places. Insulating these areas provide sufficient resistance to heat loss from your house. In warmer seasons or during summer, a reverse process occurs, keeping your home cool and comfortable.

Types of Attic Insulations

Reputable and reliable roofing companies in Las Vegas will always guide you on the best insulation type for your attic. These companies like Rhino Roofing consider and show customer value through:

  • Safety
  • Quality and experience
  • Integrity
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Respect and continuous improvement

They will tell you the most common attic insulation options, such as batts, spray foam, and loose-fill. The insulations, when done by experts, should completely cover the joists for efficiency.

  • Batt Insulation

This is the most common and widely available option. It’s made up of flexible fiber and, most commonly, fiberglass. Batts also come in other forms like plastic fiber, mineral wool, and natural fibers such as sheep’s wool and cotton. There are also flame-resistant batts available.

  • Spray Foam

Spray foam is applicable in almost any part of your house since it provides excellent thermal resistance, making it ideal for the attic. The materials used to make this type include polyurethane, polystyrene, and polyisocyanurate. But you don’t have to worry about these terminologies because many roofing companies in Las Vegas will guide you on the best fit for your home.

  • Loose-fill

This type consists of tiny particles of foam, fiber, and other materials. The particles can conform to any space without compromising your structure or finishes. This ability makes it suitable for areas where it’s challenging to install other types. The common materials used are fiberglass, mineral wool, and cellulose.

Benefits of Proper Attic Insulation

When you choose the best roofing companies in Las Vegas for your attic insulation, you will understand that lasting roofing goes beyond durable shingles alone. An excellent roofing system includes proper insulation to maximize efficiency and longevity. When experts like Rhino Roofing insulate your attic, here are some of the benefits you will enjoy in your house.

  • Prevention of gradual damage caused by water, moisture, and heat
  • It reduces the emission of greenhouse gas
  • You can save money on utility bills by more than 30%
  • Improved indoor air quality