Are you looking for professional roof replacement services in Las Vegas? Rhino Roofing is one of the leading roofers in Las Vegas, providing top-notch roof replacement services. We replace residential and commercial roofs for all our esteemed clients.

You get a quality roofing partner with all your replacement needs in mind when you hire Rhino Roofing. We understand all our client’s concerns regarding poorly installed roofs, old or damaged roofs that need replacement.

Our Services

Whether you want to install, repair, or replace your roof, our expert roofers are available to help. We can customize your roof replacement to your exact needs. In addition, regardless of your existing roof, we can find you a suitable replacement that matches your aesthetics, functionality, and durability needs.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace My Roof?

Roof replacement costs generally vary depending on several factors. Our roofers in Las Vegas can help you determine a rough estimate of your roof replacement cost. Replacing your roof is a significant investment that makes your home more energy-efficient, safe from the elements, and increases the aesthetic appeal.

Roof replacement also increases your home value. However, for you to enjoy these perks, be ready to invest in a roof of your choice since roofs come in different types and budgets. Below are factors that will affect your roof replacement costs in Las Vegas:

1. Size

The size of your house and the replacement roof determines how much you pay for the replacement. The bigger your house is and the more surface area you need to cover, the more money you will spend to replace your roof.

2. Roof Material

There are different variations of roofing materials, each with unique features, benefits, and pricing. Typical examples include metal, asphalt shingles, concrete tiles, and clay tiles, among others. Additionally, the roof’s architectural design and shape may also impact the roof replacement prices.

3. Location

In general, the cost of roof replacement in Las Vegas is higher than in other areas in Nevada. This is mainly due to the different factors that affect the actual price, such as labor rates and materials costs.

4. Age of your Existing Roof

The condition of your existing roof will play a significant role in determining the costs of a new roof. Generally, it is cheaper to replace an old roof than renovate a worn-out one through repair services.

In terms of budgeting for your roof replacement, be sure to allot 20% more from your estimated cost as allowances for unforeseen expenses or damage during installation. You can also try financing your replacement roof. Your local bank or lending institution may offer financing for your project with reasonable terms and conditions.

Roof Replacement Vs. Roof Replacement

Our roofers in Las Vegas will conduct a comprehensive roof inspection to determine the appropriate course of action. Depending on the roof’s existing condition, among other factors, the roofers may recommend either a roof replacement or a roof repair.

Should I repair or replace my roof? Factors to consider when deciding include:

  • The extent of the roof damage
  • The presence of many roof leaks, which is a sign that you need replacement
  • The age of the roof (lifespan)
  • Your budget.

Hire An Expert Roofer

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