Guaranteeing no water in your house is a great thing but, exactly how does one do that? Waterproof roofing is the answer.

What is waterproof roofing?

Waterproof roofing is the extra layer of protection added to your roof to prevent the possibility of any leaks. This extra protection is needed especially for unsteady weather.

Signs that Show that You Need Waterproof roofing

Your roof will most definitely give you signs that it needs to be waterproofed, however, those signs are not as easy for you to spot as it would be for professionals, so enlist the help of Rhino Roofing.

Here are some signs you can keep an eye out for:

Water stains

These look like large puddles on the ceiling and usually have a brown ring on their outer edge. Some of these stains may occur in dark corners where they are harder to spot and others are often small while being a sign of a bigger leak. Also, keep an eye out for mold and moisture.


If you notice any sort of drippings whether big or small, investigate as these could lead to chronic moisture problems in the future.

Water Spots on Wall Exteriors

Water sports on the exterior walls of your house indicate damage to step flashing. Step flashing may rust or become loose in due time and this causes the rainwater to leave the spots on the exterior walls.

Gutters with Granule

Rainstorms and aging may cause shingle granules to fall off the roof. Too much of this indicates the need for a replacement of those granules. Single damage is often visible as smooth or bald spots with a lot of granules missing.

Softwood Decking

Softwood decking or spongy wood decking is a sign of water damage. Water damage causes the decking to rot and in so doing it leaves the roof more susceptible to leaking. It is very unsafe and dangerous to walk on soft and spongy decking and it should not be used until it’s been repaired.

What is used for waterproof roofing?

much more than what you think goes into waterproof roofing, shingles and tiles are only the first line of defense against unstable weather.

These underlying roofing materials are essential for good quality roofing

Base sheet

This is the bottom of the waterproofing layers which is usually made of fiberglass, reinforced polyester, and/or composite.


This water-resistant material serves as an extra protective layer. Underlayment comes in many different forms and these are different for sloping roofs and flat roofs.


These are the metal sheets found around skylights, vents, chimneys, valleys, joints on vertical walls. It diverts the water from areas where it can accumulate.


Gutters are similar to roof flashing as they also divert water collecting on the roof to areas further away. They require regular upkeep and maintenance to prevent clogging and/or sagging.

Roofing is one of the more important elements of a house and if not done correctly will not serve its purpose to the fullest. Waterproof roofing will save a lot. By waterproofing your roof you prevent more than just minor leaks. So contact Rhino Roofing today and have your roof waterproofed.